Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report 7.19.22

Good morning everyone!
I finally had a chance to write a fishing report – it’s long overdue!
Lorain has been nothing short of amazing for the last month or so since my last report.
There have been a couple slow days but for the most part it’s been fantastic catching.

We’ve been either fishing really close to shore or out deep. It all depends on where
the bait is that’s being chased around by the 100 million walleye that are out there. Lol.

In close – East or west of the Harbour in 22 to 35 ft.
We’ve been pulling Bandits and Reef Runners 60 to a 100 back.
Color has been metallic bases and white bases with pink and orange bellies.
Dipseys with small Scorpion spoons. 60 on a 3. 50 on 2. 35 on a 0.
Shrimp, Sir Walleye, and Boy Girl have all been winners for weeks.
Speed 2.4 to 2.8.

Out deep – 48 to 52 ft. West,North and East of the dump.
Bandits and Reef Runners 100 to 150 with 2 ounces 25 ft in front.
Dipseys. 3 setting. 80 to 110
2 setting. 60 to 80
0 setting. 40 to 60
Speed same as above.

Fish are moving alot everyday. What worked today might be totally different tomorrow.
Use your Lowrance electronics to locate the fish and the bait.

Good luck and Good catching.
Captain Gary Zart