Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report 2.20.23

Hello everyone!
It’s been a minute since I did a fishing report. Somehow life gets in the way too much
and then you look up and it’s almost March. Lol.

Anyway, we’ve been blessed with a very mild winter and have been out multiple days a week for a few months now.
We’ve been fishing between Lorain and Huron and the catching has been fantastic for the most part.

28 to 45 ft of water. 1.0.mph give or take a tenth or two.
Perfect Tens weighted with 2 ounces.25/25 30/30 on one side.
Dead Eyes on the other side weighted with the same sets or no weight.
67,85 ,111,135. All behind Offshore boards.

A couple important things:
1. Use your Electronics. There are days that Nicholas and I will graph for 30 to 45 minutes
to locate the right fish before we even set up.
2. Make sure you have your speed and depth correct with your presentation. If that isn’t right your spinning your wheels.

It’s a great time to get out when mother nature allows! We will be running charters if you want to get out.
You can text us at 216 849 4954 to check on availability.

On another note. This Saturday February 25th, we will be conducting an all day seminar session covering from A to Z
on catching walleye at Vic’s Sports Center. Tickets are still available for $50 and all money raised goes to
Project Ed Bear which is a local organization to help families with children fighting cancer.
It is always a great time and we hope to see you there.
Thank you for stopping by. Good luck and Good Fishing.
Captains Gary and Nicholas Zart.