July 26 and 27

Had trips Friday and Saturday. Friday was awesome 5 tickets by 10:20. Saturday little slower. We got 16 by 11:30 and the customers wanted to call it a day because it was getting nasty.
We were still fishing ne of Geneva in 73/74 ft of water. Program remains the same 100 to 120 on #3 tadpoles. 100 to 130 on inlines. Dipseys 100 to 120 on a 3.5 and 60 to 85 on a 1. Colors pink, gold, antifreeze, and coppers. Speed 1.7
One thing I wanted to point out the new #3 tadpoles are really working well I liked them especially yesterday in rough conditions and the fish were definitely neutral to negative. It allows that harness to stay right in there face longer. Pics on my fb page on website. Good luck and fish strong. BD