Lake Erie Walleye Report 5.10.21

Welcome back fisherman,

We moved the boat from the islands to our summer spot in
Port Lorain Ohio. Why? This year seems like the fish are moving faster than
ever in their migration. I’m not sure if it’s because the year class is
older and bigger and they’re smarter or what, lol.

We’ve been fishing east of Lorain from the east light all the way to Avon.
Fish are moving in and out alot. One day they’re in 25 ft and the next they’re
in 50 ft.

We’ve been running Bandits 40 to 85 back. Colors have been chartreuse, pink
and orange bottoms. Speed 1.8 to 2.4

Lots of different current out there so pay close attention to your speed.
It appears we have a nice week of weather coming up. Let’s hope for great
weather and awesome catching.

Til next time…good luck and good fishing!
Captain Gary and Nicholas Zart.