Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report 7.27.20

Welcome back fisherman!

The water is as warm as it gets right now. This
means one thing. The walleye are moving well offshore.
Concentrate on the Lorain sandbar area on the deep edges.
From the 34 north line to the Canadian line.

Still the same program. Bandits and Spros 100 to 150 back.
3 setting 100 to 120.
2 setting 80-100
1 setting 60-80
0 setting 45-60
Scorpion spoons of shallow crankbaits of you choice.
Speed 2.3-3 mph.

Fishing/ catching is fantastic. Get out there and enjoy the summer months.
It’s as good as it gets right now. Good luck!

Captain Gary Zart.