July 8 2013

Had trips Thursday Friday Saturday out of geneva it was awesome. 4 x 2 and five tickets yesterday with two steelies as a bonus. Quality is ridiculous. Fishing mainly 70 to 72 ft of water using my lowrance at 35 mph to find smelt once you find the smelt you will find the fish.
Using 3 ounce 55 to 120 back with pink back silver streaks and bob bells blades. Speed 1.5 to 1.7.
People keep me asking me for spots and honestly there is none these fish are moving so fast its nuts you could go through a school of fish and go back through a half hour later and there gone. That’s why your electronics are so important.
Can’t get to much more specific on program with the big tourney out of geneva this weekend but will post next week after the tourney on how its going down on mother erie. Pics on my fb page at fishing charters blue dolphin or my website listed below. Fish strong. BD