July 12,13,14

Fished geneva all 3 days, friday got 30 fish by 1:00 p.m. monster fish with the 5 biggest going 52lbs. Mike riffle and crew were very happy. Saturday was the geneva open sponsored by Vics Sports Center. Placed 4th with 42.44lbs with Nicholas and Joe nadzam. Caught lots of fish 40-50 total. Today we were done by 9:45 with 24 real nice size fish. Used dipseys 3 oz inlines and the new #3 tadpoles. We got to try these out this weekend and they work awesome especially in rough water. Definitely by some when you see them at your tackle shops. Everything targeting 40 to 60ft. Pink back gold back and antifreeze backs did the best. Also congrats to Brett and Joe on winning. Critter who got 2nd for there first tournament ever. Sammy and crew for getting 3rd and for everyone else that cashed a check. Pictures will be posted on my website and facebook- fishing charters blue dolphin. Good luck when you get out! BD