Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report 6.15.20

Good morning anglers. Welcome back. Here is your latest fishing report:

Lorain has been about as good as it gets for catching walleye. At times it’s as fast as you can set a line and reel. We’ve been working within 1-3 miles north of the Black river in 38 to 46 ft. of water.

We’ve been still trolling Bandits and Reefrunners behind Offshore boards 40 to a 100 back. Dipseys with spoons and shallow cranks have also taken off. 3 setting 60-80, 2 setting 50-70. 1 setting 40-50 and a 0 setting 30-40. Speed 2-2.5

There is a ton of current right now so make sure you are going fast enough/ slow enough to catch fish. You can usually tell this by how hard your dipseys are pulling.

It’s a great time of year . Nice weather , awesome fishing and fun times. Get out and enjoy this fantastic walleye factory!

Thank you and Good luck.
Captain Gary Zart