August 8, 9, 10, 11

Well what a weekend it all came together. Not only did Nicholas Joe and I Win the 2 day championship but we were able able to win
Team of the year and big fish of the tourney.
What a weekend of fishing. We were up in the 50 fish days all 4 days of fishing that includes prefish.
Tadpoles dipseys and inlines were all players.
Tadoples number 3 120 to 140 back
Inlines 3 and 4 ounce 120 to 140 back
Dipseys 3 setting 111 to 150
1 setting 90 to 120
2 setting. 111 to 130 speed 1.6
We fished all over and caught plenty of fish everywhere we fished. From the 4 line to the 13 n and the 43 to the 49 west. Are best area for the tournament waa from the 4 to the 7 and the 44 to the 49
Colors were big papa cranberry crusher antifreeze and pink customs painted by mike knippenberg.
We won with just over 80 lbs 37 Saturday 43.5 yesterday big fish 10.22.
congratulations to joe and brett for a great season never thought we had a chance to beat them in this one with season they had and my teammates papa jay and jason for getting 3rd.
I have the best teammates Nicholas and joe we did it.
Fish Strong . BD